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Two kimono craftsmen work in Kyoto, tell you about kimono world.


We are kimono-craftsmen work in Kyoto, Japan.

Our company names Rin.
Some Japanese-English dictionary say it means valiant, but to tell the real mean of the word is such a difficult.

kise-chan oke-chan
Craftman Kise-chan
Craftman Oke-chan

How much do you know about Kimonos?

Are you interested in Kimonos? and how much do you know about kimonos?
Today, Japanese people does not wear kimonos very often.
But kimonos are surelly the most traditional and respectable Japanese clothes.
So formal situations--- ceremonies, parties, celebrations, and funerals, people wear kimonos.

Such a many processes in Kimono made

Even Japanese people don't know this, to make one kimono, there is a lot of processes.
Sometimes it has 30-40 processes, and sometimes more.

Each process has different exparts (craftman).
One person is an expart about thread twisting, another one drafting the patterns, and another one dies the fabrics... So many processes!!!
And all of them are handmade.
That is the reason we must be here.

Want to know why? Read the next topic.....

Yes, we're telling you how to work

Every craftman has long carrier, and excellent skills.
But they are also human...sometimes do mistakes.
At kimono shops, few kimonos get decoloring by sunlights, or if the place is humid, they may get mold. Those accidents are called "Nan".
Anyway, those items can not be sold. That is serious problem to the shop owner.

To erase the Nan is our job. It is called "Jinaoshi".
"Ji" means very basic, and "Naoshi" means make it be the original state.

Everyday a lot of kimonos and fabrics are brought to our place.
They have stains, blot, damages, dug bites, and discoloration by sunshine,etc...

The Man-Eraser

The very first time, we inspect the cause of the Nan. Bacause how to erace the Nan is complately different from how it happened.
We sometimes get them chemical treatment, sometimes steam, press, or some serious hand works.
After getting very careful treatments, they are back to the owners.

Our working is indispensable to the kimono made, but for other kimono-craftsmen our existence should be hidden.
Because to let people know our work makes their mistakes open.

Yes, we are the man-eraser, and our existence is erased like Nans...

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